I began this series after a difficult period in my life that culminated with the death of my father in September 2012. Prior to that time, I had been working on a wide variety of mostly abstract and somewhat experimental pieces. The decision to focus on representational floral subjects was a deliberate return to a subject matter I love. Over the years I have photographed and painted flowers in different media, and they are a theme that has been present in my work forever. The garden I maintain at my Berkeley home is a constant source of inspiration.

There paintings are obviously decorative in nature. They represent my desire to return to the the basic experience of depicting an ordinary and pleasurable aspect of my daily life. They do not ask big questions, or challenge visual or cultural perceptions. They were created to be enjoyed. That said, they are influenced by a wide variety of artists, living and not, van Gogh, and Thiebaud come immediately to mind, and of course by my love of color and paint. Cloisonnism*, a movement begun by Gauguin, Bernard and others has also been an influence. In short, I hope the viewer gets as much pleasure from viewing the pieces as I had creating them. Giclees, printed using archival inks and paper, are available for some of the pieces.

*Cloisnnism is a style of post-impressionist painting with bold and flat forms separated by dark colors. The term was coined by critic Edouard Dujardin on the occasion of the Salon de Independents, in March 1888. Artists Emile Bernard, Louis Anquetin, Paul Gauguin, Paul Serusier, and others started painting in this style in the late 19th century. The name evokes the technique of cloisonné, where wire (cloisonné or compartments) are soldered to the body the piece, filled with powered glass, and then fired.


2003 – Present: Painting and Photography Exhibitions

- The City of Berkeley Planning & Development Department, "Does Color Matter," January-May, 2016
* Ugallery, Online Art Site, 2014-2015
* Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, CA, December 2009
* Falkirk Cultural Center, Group Show, San Rafael, CA, September 2009
*Sebastopol Center for the Arts, “Re/Invented: Collage and Assemblage,” Group Show, Sebastopol, CA, November 2007
* Expressions Gallery, Group Show, Berkeley, CA, May 2007
* Los Gatos Art Association Annual Open Juried Show, Art Museum of Los
* Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Group Show, Alameda, CA; February 2007
* Expressions Gallery, Group Show, Berkeley CA, January 2007
* Expressions Gallery, Group Show, Berkeley CA, November 2006
* Alameda County Art Commission’s 2006 Artwork Purchase Program; 2 pieces purchased for display in Alameda County government buildings
* Berkeley Art Center Members’ Showcase, Berkeley, CA, January 2006
* Olivia, Berkeley, CA; 3 paintings purchased for the restaurant’s dining room, 2005
* Artisans Gallery 2003 National Juried Exhibition, Mill Valley CA, October 2003; Juried by Marian Parmenter Art Museum of Los Gatos,


*Mrs. Dalloway's Literary and Garden Arts, Oakland, CA, Manipulated and Painted Botanical Photographs, November 2007

* Los Gatos Museum of Art, Second Place Award in Painting: Abstract/Mixed Media category; 2007

1970 – 1982: Ceramic Exhibitions

* Meyer, Brier and Weiss Gallery Christmas Show, San Francisco, CA, 1981
* Blue and White Ware, Hartford Art School, West Hartford, CT, 1980
* Californians’ Design: Crafts 1980, Gallery Eight, La Jolla, CA, 1980
* National Teapot Show, Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester NY, 1979
* National Teapot Show, Horizon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, 1979

Pacific States Craft Fair sponsored and juried by the American Crafts Council, San Francisco, CA, 1978, 1980, 1982
Guest Artist, John Adams Community College, San Francisco, CA, 1980